Dennj Malaguti

“I take what I like from everything around me and, I naturally transform it in my head.”

Meet Dennj, the Milan based designer born in Emilia Romagna, whose reality mixes with a detailed selection of garments and patterns. It all shapes up to give birth to an upcycled collection. Where the is no space for waste.

1. Reality. Dennj, tell us what’s your earliest memory of this urge that started as a passion and is now your truth.

My very first memory related to upcycling was when I was still a child, when together with my grandmother we would rework carnival costumes to give them a more functional spin. I would create hidden pockets and patches. The very first time I felt the need to produce and experiment was in 2010, when together with my friend and teacher at the time, we created about a hundred T-shirts with high-end deadstock fabrics, which I sold in my old store, in the province of Ferrara.

2. Of a Few. Slow production is at the core of your identity. How do you differentiate yourself in an industry that craves for unceasing novelty?

Slow production doesn’t mean there can’t be novelty, I simply dose novelty itself.

We are so used to scrolling images, news, and ideas, we are saturated, and we retain nothing. For creative people it’s penalizing. Personally, I try to focus, little by little on new patterns and release only selected pieces. The production happens only on custom orders or under request. When it comes to the show pieces, I sell them as they are, or they are used by the customers as a source of inspiration to personalize their own orders.

3. Souls. Between travels and sewing machines, where do you find that one detail that defines you?

It might sound obvious and perhaps cliché but honestly, I find inspiration in everything.

I am highly influenced by the people around me, them whom I trust: by art exhibitions, theatre pieces, travels and plenty or research in the vintage world. This is also my second job. All the above, mixed and readapted to my own taste, form a new collection.

I would say I take what I like from everything around me and, I naturally transform it in my head. I do a couple of fabric tests until I reach the final one, where I feel I have reached the ideal and definite work.